Friday, June 20, 2008

Well Needed Shots

I was at my best friends', Sierra (Crab) 14th birthday party today, and managed to scrounge up a few interesting shots. I hope these can make up a little for the so little pictures I have been posting lately. How do you like these?

"Mandy, don't move." I saw this shot and thought, "why not?". So I told Mandy to stay put and captured this. I liked it. IF I were to name it, it would be called "Used Up".

So I tell five girls to make a star on the trampoline. I think this is pretty cool.

Allison jumping.

Michelle jumping.

Mandy starring.

So, what are your conclusions on these?


Sekhar said...

Nice shots :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista cute feet.

Misty Portland said...

the star photo is great...very creative and what a great imagination...I also like the darker chair...but that's just me!
blessings to you.

Brendan said...

heya krista that star photo is great

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista, its misty,s mom again just saying hi hope you and your family is well. love Misty;s mom have a good day. here is my E mail hope to hear from you Krista

delphy said...

the star one and the last are nice the others seem just made to be made
it's not telling me anything. try to make just the photos that you really feel and not to press the button anytime.

Anonymous said...

Hi Krista this is Nancy Misy;s mom just wanted to say hi and hope you and your family are doing well. love Nancy

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