Sunday, May 11, 2008



That's all I can say. The concert was so amazing, my first concert! My friend and I had such a good time! Our two favorite bands played great shows. It was incredible. I got autographs and hugs from Chap Stique and NaDaddy of Family Force 5, and the front man of my favorite band ever, Switchfoot was in the crowd, I ALMOST got to reach out and touch his hand, but just BARLEY couldn't reach. It was so amazing, he was so close, and I knew the song he was singing, so I sang along. Here's a few pictures from the show. They are not very good at all, because the security guards kept looking at me funny and there was a sign that clearly stated "No pictures or video" I managed to get a few anyways!

^ Me (left) and my best friend forever, Crab (right)

^ Family Force 5!
^ Family Force 5 again! Sadley, in both pictures I didn't get the coolest band member, Chap Stique. I'm sorry Chappy!!

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