Monday, May 26, 2008

Waiting for the sun

I'm sorry folks, but the blog wont be updated for quite a while. I REALLY hate to say that. My laptop crashed, the computer company has it right now and is fixing it. So I'm using my mom's computer, and it has no pictures on it. I should be posting in a day or two, I need some time to get some shots. The weather has been nasty (as in overcast and clouds, and even rain) and I don't like shooting in dark lighting. so, I need some time for the sun to come out so I can treat you all to some new, vibrant photos. I bet I've lost so many readers. I'm sorry.

have a good day.


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Sekhar said...

Don't worry Krista.Things do go wrong sometimes.But hey please do post some overcast pics for me.And if you are having rain over there, please do post some rain photos too.I love rains so much :)