Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'm Baaaack...

Well that wasn't much of a wait, was it? My computer came home today, working better than before (I can actually turn it on now!) and I'm happy to share with you two pictures from my computer archives. Well, they aren't THAT old, but I thought you would enjoy them. These are from the Equine Affaire 2008. I know I have already posted some pictures from that set, but these got left out, and I feel they should be on this blog!

Plus, bringing out some old pictures helps me remember how much fun I had taking them.

The sun has come out, but the wind makes it so hard to get a decent picture. Maybe there is some way the wind could help me.


Anonymous said...

nice pics. love the mane. It makes me want to hug them. Anyways thanks for sharing.

Misty Portland said...

hi Krista...misty here....i really enjoying looking at your blog...keep posting. I love you and is that photo you in the corner on top?!?!

Sare said...

yay!!! the first one is amazing, the second one is artsy, and the third one looks antique in a cool way. ;)

i like your line about how bringing back old pix helps you remember how much fun you had taking them. :D