Thursday, April 3, 2008

Out of Subjects?

A question has been popping into my mind lately "am I out of subjects to photograph?". I am not even old enough to get my driver's license, so it's not like I can say "I'm going to go head out to the beach to shoot some pictures!". I have been worried lately, but then I start to think about the things I have done so far. I have plenty of subjects! What was I thinking? I have animals, I have the backyard (which is full of endless possibilities) and I have an imagination. That's all you really need to get started right?

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Nancy said...

Hi Krista your comment is so right. endless possibilities. look in the sky. I always find different pics. in the sky. I like hearts. the sky is full of heart shapes. but clouds move fast and change shapes quickly. sometimes I have seen animal shapes. love Misty's mom you are doing so well can't wait to see your studio some day.