Friday, March 28, 2008

Trees...a hidden beauty.

^Very beautiful, the leaves are so brightly colored!

^I like this one because it shows a tree with leaves, then a tree without. Yet they are both pretty.

^Again, the sun shone so nicely through the lens. I choose to keep this picture in color, because it seemed so natural.

^The other day I was out in the backyard and noticed the simplicity of a tree, yet how beautiful it can be. It made me start to think 'that can be a picture'. I went and got my camera and just started shooting. The sun in this picture shined through in just the right place. It made it look so beautiful.


portlandafrica said...

Hi Krista...very pretty photos. I can appreciate photography as keep posting them as It will be great to see what you capture...keep it up!Blessings to you..I love you.

Sekhar said...

nice pics. but as you love to have suggestions, i suggest you could have reduced the apperture size so that the sun looked like a shining star behind the trees. but anyway good try :)