Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old...and fashioned.

I love black and white photographs. That type of coloring adds so much to the picture. These pictures were made either black and white or an antique color. They are set up to be "old fashioned" looking and give out an old look. The subjects were a piano and music book, old trucks, and cowboy boots. Shooting the old trucks was fun because they were already so old looking. I didn't need to move anything around. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the art.

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Anonymous said...

This is the first time I have done this.. so here goes.. I hope there is not a space limitation and where is the spell check ?? I am used to spell check !!! Good photpgraph may speak through SILENCE.. but Krista YOU speak through YOUR photography !!! You can tell how much you enjoy it by looking at your work and reading your comments.
What you did with the piano and the the art work was very clever. I felt the second gave off a sort of modern art feeling. The angle you took if from gave such interesting dimension to the picture.
You told me about the pictures you had takes of the trucks, (I think in your backyard) and you were right you have captured the CHARACTER of the trucks. That has happend by the process of aging, goes to say we do not get old we just get better !!! I think you Mom and Dad will appreciate that.

I like the way you got the light shining in on the interior of the truck and isn't interesting what a great shot that is and part of the steering wheel is cut off, but that is what makes it a great picture so good it leaves the rest to your imagination. Nancy Vaughn.