Friday, March 28, 2008

Horses...capturing power and love.

Yesterday I was at a friend's house taking some pictures of her and her horses. Horses are so beautiful and majestic, its hard capturing that much power and kindness in a photo. I wanted to share a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

^The classic close up of the eye. These are very popular pictures for horse photography, but I thought I would post anyway. What do you think?

^More mane, but its going into the horse's withers now. It made this picture flow more.

^What a pretty mane this horse has. I wanted the wind to blow through it, but it didn't happen. I still think it turned out pretty good.

^It took a minute to get the horse to move his foot for me, but he did. This is exactly what I wanted to capture.

^Some pictures just need to be close ups of one thing. This one is of a horses mane, ear, and just the tip of his eye.

^I like this one because its so different. It's not very serious at all, the way the horse is licking her hand. It needed a color tint.

^This one is my favorite. It just really means something to me. I can see the freedom in her face and in the way shes reaching for the sky. And the way the wind is blowing the horses mane is beautiful.

^This one is beautiful too. It reminds me of such grace.

^This one simple, but I like it nonetheless. The expression on both of their faces is so serious. They look like each others thoughts are about one another.


Corinne said...

Hey cuz itz Corinne AWSOME picz my blog needz adjustment so tell me how 2 make it better plz

Nancy said...

WOW, I think these are great pictures! I love the horse's hooves. I think horses are so, so beautiful and good luck on your photography. You are doing a great job. Love, Misty's Mom, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures...good shots

Nancy said...

the light captures are so cool the first tree looks like a little tiny fairy twinkling. well I believe it is. ha