Saturday, March 29, 2008

Equine Affaire...2007 and 2008.

Because I love horses so much, and enjoy riding, I like to visit the Equine Affaire in Pomona California. I have gone three times so far. It is once a year in January and February. It's a great place to learn about horses and take some great photos. Last year and this year I got the chance to bring along my camera and capture riders and horses just doing their jobs.

^This one really just speaks for itself. The movement in both the horse and rider is so alike. She is moving her leg out, and so is the horse. It's so awesome to watch the riders and horses work as one. This is from Equine Affaire 2008.

^I absolutely love to take head and neck shots. I especially like this one because you can see the elegance in both the horse and the rider. I took this shot this year, at Equine Affaire 2008.

^I love this one. It's so beautiful. The girls and their horses are just riding, but they look wonderful. This shot is from Equine Affaire 2007.

^Another head shot, probably my favorite. I love how "fast" this horse is going, you can really see the movement. This one is from Equine Affaire 2007.

^What a beautiful horse. You can really see the movement in this picture also. The lead is moving, his mane is flowing. This was taken at the 2008 Equine Affaire.

^Not my favorite, but it deserves credit mostly for the horses expression. He looks so serious, so ready to do his job. From the 2007 Equine Affaire.

^This one was taken during sunset, and I loved the movement in this photo. I really like to see some mane or tail flowing, or blowing in the wind. I love how this horse's tail just flew back. And the shadow on the brick wall adds a lot to this picture. I took this one at Equine Affaire 2007.

^Being one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken, I find so much about this photo I like. The horse and rider are really tuned in to each other. The horse's foot is up, it's tail is flowing in sync with it's mane. It's beautiful. From Equine Affaire 2008.

^I like this one because of the western look to it. I really thought it could be black and white, but the color was very vibrant in the background and I liked that. From Equine Affaire 2007.

^This is so wonderful. It's really showing the detail of the saddle and the rider's outfit. I did not take the picture because I liked the outfit, it was more that it looked so "showy" and vibrant. I only wish there would have been a better background. This one I took in 2007.

^I like this one because its just the horse. Not a lot of the rider. It shows the horse's expression so well. I took this at the 2007 Equine Affaire.

^You can really feel the movement in this picture. And the coloring really works. I took this at the 2007 Equine Affaire.


Anonymous said...

You certainly have what it takes to be a pro!! Mom

Anonymous said...

Here I go again.. Bet you did not think I would write a novel when you asked for comments... I agree, you did indeed capture the movement of both the horse and the Spanish rider in that particular picture. I think most people would have missed the movement of the riders leg but you have such a great eye that you caught it. I thought your coloring technique adds also adds alot to the compostion. Sorry I did not have the chance to look at these sooner but I have been trying to get ready to leave in the morning. I enjoyed the rest of the pictures and will comment on some of the rest when I get back if you like. Your work is a pleasure to look at and I look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing it with me... Nancy V.

portlandafrica said...

Hi Krista...Oh, I would love to go to the Aquine Affaire someday....great pictures...