Monday, March 31, 2008

Me and Valentine (photo credit- Linda Brown)

Thought I would share a few pictures of me and my wonderful Valentine. In the first picture we are doing pole bending, a gymkhana event. We both love to compete. Enjoy!

Thanks so much for these pictures Linda!

The archives are here!

Well, I have put up enough posts that now there is an "Older Posts" page and an "Archives" list. Check them out... thanks for the visit.

Cats... the moving target.

I have to say, cats are so hard to shoot good photos of. They really make it impossible. I think they know right when you are about to press the button, because they move right then. I guess they are just camera shy : )

^This cat is our little Himalayan mix. She is my favorite cat subject. She is so very pretty and I love her coloring. Here is a good close up of her face. She is the cat in the next four photos.

^I really like the way the sun hit her whiskers in this shot.

^I like this shot because if you look closely, you can see a heart shape on her chest. Just thought I would point that out.

^This is Hobo. He is our rescue. We love him very much. I was out snapping some shots of our other cat when he turned and looked a me with that cute face. Couldn't help but take a picture of this little guy.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Shadows...from the rider's eyes.

Recently I was on my horse playing with my camera. I saw what a different picture you would get taking it from ON the horse. I liked these two shots. Thought I'd share them. Please give your opinion, because I want to know what you think about these photos. YOU see it.

When you look at a photograph, you either like it or you don't. Some people have that "eye" for photography. They see things differently than most people, in a way that, when paired with a camera, wonderful things can happen. I think that way. I see things and think "how can that be a GOOD picture?". Sometimes the pictures look good in my mind, but they just don't come out the same in the picture. When they do, that's when I get the shot, that one picture I really like. In a way, the person looking at a photograph should have that "eye". Sometimes, though, even if you don't see what the photographer saw, the picture is just as good. See, that's what I love about photography, you see the picture, and you feel something. What I like even more is that different people can see and feel different things. Some pictures really speak to you, while others don't mean anything, and they might not be any good in your eyes. Keep that in mind when you are looking at pictures, because it can help you see what others might see in the picture.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Old...and fashioned.

I love black and white photographs. That type of coloring adds so much to the picture. These pictures were made either black and white or an antique color. They are set up to be "old fashioned" looking and give out an old look. The subjects were a piano and music book, old trucks, and cowboy boots. Shooting the old trucks was fun because they were already so old looking. I didn't need to move anything around. Thanks for visiting and enjoy the art.

Equine Affaire...2007 and 2008.

Because I love horses so much, and enjoy riding, I like to visit the Equine Affaire in Pomona California. I have gone three times so far. It is once a year in January and February. It's a great place to learn about horses and take some great photos. Last year and this year I got the chance to bring along my camera and capture riders and horses just doing their jobs.

^This one really just speaks for itself. The movement in both the horse and rider is so alike. She is moving her leg out, and so is the horse. It's so awesome to watch the riders and horses work as one. This is from Equine Affaire 2008.

^I absolutely love to take head and neck shots. I especially like this one because you can see the elegance in both the horse and the rider. I took this shot this year, at Equine Affaire 2008.

^I love this one. It's so beautiful. The girls and their horses are just riding, but they look wonderful. This shot is from Equine Affaire 2007.

^Another head shot, probably my favorite. I love how "fast" this horse is going, you can really see the movement. This one is from Equine Affaire 2007.

^What a beautiful horse. You can really see the movement in this picture also. The lead is moving, his mane is flowing. This was taken at the 2008 Equine Affaire.

^Not my favorite, but it deserves credit mostly for the horses expression. He looks so serious, so ready to do his job. From the 2007 Equine Affaire.

^This one was taken during sunset, and I loved the movement in this photo. I really like to see some mane or tail flowing, or blowing in the wind. I love how this horse's tail just flew back. And the shadow on the brick wall adds a lot to this picture. I took this one at Equine Affaire 2007.

^Being one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken, I find so much about this photo I like. The horse and rider are really tuned in to each other. The horse's foot is up, it's tail is flowing in sync with it's mane. It's beautiful. From Equine Affaire 2008.

^I like this one because of the western look to it. I really thought it could be black and white, but the color was very vibrant in the background and I liked that. From Equine Affaire 2007.

^This is so wonderful. It's really showing the detail of the saddle and the rider's outfit. I did not take the picture because I liked the outfit, it was more that it looked so "showy" and vibrant. I only wish there would have been a better background. This one I took in 2007.

^I like this one because its just the horse. Not a lot of the rider. It shows the horse's expression so well. I took this at the 2007 Equine Affaire.

^You can really feel the movement in this picture. And the coloring really works. I took this at the 2007 Equine Affaire.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Left Out...More Horses.

Here are a few photos that got left out of the last post. Enjoy them!

"Letting Go"
"A Powerful Love"

"Leader and Follower"
"Hoof beats"
"Understanding Eyes"

Horses...capturing power and love.

Yesterday I was at a friend's house taking some pictures of her and her horses. Horses are so beautiful and majestic, its hard capturing that much power and kindness in a photo. I wanted to share a few pictures that I thought you might enjoy.

^The classic close up of the eye. These are very popular pictures for horse photography, but I thought I would post anyway. What do you think?

^More mane, but its going into the horse's withers now. It made this picture flow more.

^What a pretty mane this horse has. I wanted the wind to blow through it, but it didn't happen. I still think it turned out pretty good.

^It took a minute to get the horse to move his foot for me, but he did. This is exactly what I wanted to capture.

^Some pictures just need to be close ups of one thing. This one is of a horses mane, ear, and just the tip of his eye.

^I like this one because its so different. It's not very serious at all, the way the horse is licking her hand. It needed a color tint.

^This one is my favorite. It just really means something to me. I can see the freedom in her face and in the way shes reaching for the sky. And the way the wind is blowing the horses mane is beautiful.

^This one is beautiful too. It reminds me of such grace.

^This one simple, but I like it nonetheless. The expression on both of their faces is so serious. They look like each others thoughts are about one another.

Trees...a hidden beauty.

^Very beautiful, the leaves are so brightly colored!

^I like this one because it shows a tree with leaves, then a tree without. Yet they are both pretty.

^Again, the sun shone so nicely through the lens. I choose to keep this picture in color, because it seemed so natural.

^The other day I was out in the backyard and noticed the simplicity of a tree, yet how beautiful it can be. It made me start to think 'that can be a picture'. I went and got my camera and just started shooting. The sun in this picture shined through in just the right place. It made it look so beautiful.